The word FREEDOM

What is freedom ?

The word FREEDOM
~a child choosing his or her own name?
~a child choosing whether to choose studies or other fields like sports, music etc.
~Making career decisions on your own. ( Doctor ya phir engineer)
~What to wear ( Yeh kya pehan liya)
~What to eat
~Where to go ,when to go ,with whom to go?
~To choose life partner
~To love or agree with the old age traditions ( naak kaat di tumne yeh pyaar vyaar sab bhool jaao)
~ Sexual preferences ( Hum kisiko muh nai dhika paayenge)
~ To settle or not to settle
~ To choose at what age to marry ( Is umar me toh mere do bacche the)
~ To have kids or adopt one
~ To write or speak or say what you want to
~ To what to watch ( beta yeh kya dekh rahe ho)
~ To work or retire early ( Log kya kahenge humara beta/ humari beti yahaan kaam karti hai)
~ Where to work ( Beta government jobs hi badiya hote hain)
FREEDOM – The word has n number of meanings to different people at different situations with different contexts.
So lets not take the authority to dictate others including our family members. Let individuals decide what is good for them and let them act accordingly.

Bits and pieces

So here I am after a very long break..

I thought lets talk about some pieces of my journey.

Past a month I learnt something totally new. Though I have been to numerous places, mingled with hell lot of people irrespective of their likes or dislikes. The recent encounter of a new city wasnt that appealing atleast for the first time.

I had always been surrounded with people. For the very first time the feeling of being alone sunked in. I had never stayed at a hotel alone. But now I have stayed for 2 complete weeks at a hotel. I hate to eat alone. But this city and my situation made me do so. It was different and unusual to me. Amidst the thousands, I felt alone. I joined a new job which made sure that I move to a completely unknown city. I wasnt prepared for it.

Somewhere in my mind, I knew I would be working at the same city which I thought I would be. Fortunately or Unfortunately I was transferred within a day.

The pros of moving to a new city:

  • Meeting new people
  • Exploring new places
  • Exploring new food joints
  • Touristy feels
  • Busy weekend trips to near by sight seeing

But for the first time in my life, nothing of the above happened. I wasnt happy about the location. I just wanted to go back. Today’s date I quit my job.

I felt lonely, didnt like my workplace, didnt make an effort of making new friends, didnt explore places. I was so adamant in going back that I left the place and came back to where I belong.

Sometimes you go with your heart. And thats what I did. I know I left a very lucrative and fancy job. But I am more contented now than ever before.

Guys do you ever feel to let go off everything and just go with the flow?

I want to thank my parents and my sister for being so supportive of my decision. I want to thank my boyfriend and his family for making me understand and being there for me always. I am thankful to my best friend Mridu who made sure that my decision doesnt affect me and being there for me always. I am blessed to have such amazing family and friends.

~Cheers to new life

Is there something called LUCK ?


Dalai Lama said, “Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.”

Is there seriously something called luck?
Or  some people  are genuinely luckier than others ?
What does fortune mean for the rest of us? 

The most contradicting thing is that we can create luck ourselves.

The grass is always greener where you water it .

The Illusion

Luck is an illusion. While we cannot control everything that happens, by breaking the habit of attributing things to luck, we can embrace our ability to make positive change for the future.

To start changing your outlook:

  • Try to raise your awareness of new hopes and endeavor to act upon them.
  • Try to avoid letting opportunities pass you by. Grab as much as you can.
  • Expect good fortune to befall you, and remember to credit yourself when it does. 
  • Your actions lead you to succeed.
  • When things don’t work out as you intended, keep positive approach.

Make Your Own Luck : Construct or Destruct 

By discharging the illusion of luck and enclosing our own potential to change our lives for the better, we are authorized to such a level that we can be said to make our own luck.

Far from being a spiritual power that is out of our control, or something that can be stored in treasure or charms, this new kind of luck comes from deep within ourselves.

Luck is something we have created with nothing more than a shift in perception and perspective  and a realignment of attitude—and it’s highly empowering.

Tomorrow, Be Lucky : The Luck is all Yours

The realization that what I called luck was something I could make for myself radically changed my life.
The simple shift in attitude is all it takes to break the cycle of bad luck.
Be fastidious, pro-active, and eager definitely your efforts will be rewarded.
Whatever you do, don’t sulk through a year-long.
Everything that comes in your way can be made or marred by YOU

Transform Yourself and You see the DIFFERENCE.
I reiterate again the grass is always greener where you water it.



I being a pessimist is saying this… LOL
I haven’t been the uber cool positive person to make my life look colourful and brighter .But being in the darker side of life is harder rather the hardest I would say. I don’t know when I realised it to change my outlook of life.. All this happens in a fraction of seconds ..It is momentary for me. Guess would be for you ppl too .
Living life in the best form would help one lead a stressfree life..
One can improve the outlook of their life by many ways.. Some basic things are to be regularised.
Keep your self esteem high.
Get over your PAST.
Don’t GIVE UP.
Chill out.
Have a broader sense of humor.
Eradicate jealousy.
Love and spread love.

Never compare others with youself.
Meditate .
Destress yourself by listening to music.

Three C’s 

You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.

For every positive change ,you make in your life something else also changes the better. It creates a chain reaction.

Positivity can make your life better and best .

“SAFETY ” ppl start wearing helmets



man with half a head from not wearing motor cycle safety helmet

The youngsters need to learn from this and take a lesson .
Parents need to ensure safety before buying them a two wheeler .
How to get your child to wear one:

  • Let your child help pick out the helmet. They will be more likely to wear a helmet they like.
  • Purchase special helmet decals and allow your child to personalize their helmet.
  •  Always insist that your child wear the helmet. Anyone can get hurt anywhere.
  •  Set a good example, wear a helmet yourself.
  •  Praise and reward your child each time they wear it.
  • Begin the helmet habit when your child is young, with their first bicycle.
  • Encourage other parents to buy helmets. Inform them of the law. The more children that wear helmets, the more comfortable your child will feel wearing one.SOME BASIC RULES to be followed
    • Never ride more people on a bicycle than it is equipped to hold. The person operating the bicycle must sit on or astride a permanent and regular seat comfortably
    • When riding a bicycle on the sidewalk, be courteous and alert pedestrians of your approach with an audible signal. Let them know you are passing on the left.
    • When riding a bicycle in the roadway, ride as close to the right-hand curb as possible and in a single file line so you won’t interfere with traffic.
    • When riding a bicycle at night, be sure it is equipped with a headlight and tail light.
    • Always keep both hands on the handle- bars when riding a bicycle.
    • Use the proper hand signals for turning and stopping.
    • Always obey traffic signs and signals.  Your bike must be equipped with brakes capable of stopping within 25 feet when traveling at a speed of 10 mph.

*Follow Traffic Rules
*Don’t Drink & Ride/ Drive
*Check the Brakes
*Check the bike tyres
*Don’t use cellphones while riding / driving


Ppl  “..Safety pays…
Pencils have erasers–mishaps don’t!..”

GUYS !!! You wont look like an ALIEN
So do wear it.
Take a pledge to save yourself.

Is Morality Innate or Acquired?

ImageMorality is one of the quality which will be in every person but it varies from person to person.
My question is morality an inborn or acquired.
Morality-or say Moral Values :

  •  can be acquired through family and the school during childhood through moral education-for day to day activities to begin with
  •  When grown up, individual acquires his/her own capability to distinguish between Dos and Don’ts and gradually builds his/her morality.

When a child is born, his/her brain is clean slate. There is no evil.
Good qualities may be there but these are to be energised and channelised through proper guidance. Else child may follow wrong path gradually.

As an Example, I remember, during my childhood I was taught in school- To pick up the stone lying on the road/path lest any one falls after hitting the same. Don’t hurt
any one as he/she may be in pain as you do etc.
Similarly, at home respecting elders and the younger ones, praying, learning good habits etc. 
Hence Morality can be Acquired and can be inborn(but need to be aroused).

hat do you think about this pic guys? 
Well for me , this is where moral values come into action .
In a civilized society we generally expect others to talk politely and have a pleasant nature. However, a people do not become polite overnight. If parents want their children to be well-mannered then need to train them from their childhood. So, parents can opt for some tips so as to inculcate values in the children:

  • Its easier to mould a young mind as their mind is open to accept everything they are taught or see.
    Henceforth, the exposures that they receive during the period of their infancy set the path for their further lives
  • Kids always  tend to imitate their parents.
    If they find their parents to be always joyful and happy , they tend to be like that only. If the parents are irritable, the kid starts behaving in the same manner. It is not genetics that plays any role here. It is only the overshadowing influence of the parents that the child looks up to
  • Generally kids showcase the best behaviour but at that point of time , parents forget to praise them. It helps to boost up positivity and they also think that if they behave well then only they will be praised and complimented
  • Human race crave for trust. If parents make their children believe that they trust them, then children will never go against of what the parents say.

Therefore its upto us how we upbring our future and for us to follow the right path it totally depends on our mindset.
You have to do what is right for yourself, nobody else is walking in your shoes.



Many of us have grown up with the chirruping of the house sparrows. Isn’t it true guys ? Now those chirrupings have disappeared somewhere.
These tiny little grey birds have been constant companions, sometimes noisy neighbours and morning alarm bells that exist amidst human race. Unfortunately, now these little creatures no more greet you at your windows.
The count in their species is declining day by day .According to a survey there has been an 80 percent decline in their population.

REASONS behind the declining rate:

  • electromagnetic radiation from mobile towers and cell phones
  • lack of insect food due to excessive use of pesticide in urban gardens
  • Change in building architecture
  • Rarely seen gardens due to hectic lifestyles
  • changing attitudes and lifestyle

Therefore, that last year the world decided to dedicate a day to the common house bird that is becoming uncommon.
20th March is thus World House Sparrow day.

Every individual can make a difference by coming forward .
By practising simple ways you can make your home sparrow friendly

  • Create a mini forest within compound.
  • House Sparrow is not a fussy eater, hence place any kind of seed, flower seed, bread, and grain and even home leftovers at a pre designated place every day for them to feed on.
  • If you have the space in your balcony or garden, hang a nesting place like a bamboo basket, an earthen pot that they
  • Place a water vessel at a comfortable location.
  • Set up bird boxes or nest

The man who started the initiative is environmentalist Mohd. Dilawar who wants to conserve the species as well as create awareness among people


  • You can simply involve by writing poem because poetry can inspire well
  • Sparrow tales and stories
  • Share your experiences
  • Be a sparrow journalist . Its very simple by observing and then reporting the coverage.
  • Picture speaks it all. So sparrow sketches too can be effective
  • Chirp and tweet . This was the theme given on World Sparrow Day . It means creating awareness through social networking sites.
  • Participate in biodiversity photo competitions

People its already too late to talk about it . Hence join hands with various environmental conservation programmes and organisations.


Guys you can join us on and follow us on for nature related ideas , projects , animal recues or any sort of help regarding environment




Its time to legalize Gambling!!!


Gambling is one of the oldest industries in the world.
India stands at 9th position in the global betting list .
In India gambling is limited to betting on horse racing and lotteries in some states 
Fortunately our govt allows betting on horse racing on the pretext of it being a matter of skill whereas at the same time cricket betting is banned.

Now when everyone is talking about the Indian Premiere League (IPL) spot fixing scandal, I thought about highlighting the benefits of legalised betting. Despite several attempts to ban it, betting is continuing, although in an underground way, and substantial resources have been invested in enforcing such a ban. The mid way to get through is to regulate it in an acceptable basis. Therefore, the government should think of legalising and regulating betting. Hence I strongly support legalizing gambling along with taxation.

Firstly regulating sport betting is going to be accountability for large amounts of money transferred through illegal channels especially India should legalise betting to stamp out corruption in cricket. For instance in Europe, betting is legalised and you don’t come across such scams every day in football like you get to see it in cricket. 

Secondly with every activity in life, some people will take it to the extreme where it causes problems, in terms of addiction. The majority of people can gamble and have fun, it is only a minority who will become addicted. If we banned gambling, we might as well ban alcohol, the internet and many other things, for which most people treat as recreational. There is always a possibility of a small amount of people taking things too far, no matter what. 

Thirdly legalized gambling would help bring much needed jobs and huge revenue. The benefits most certainly outweigh the risks. Mostly illegal gambling occurs in many states anyways. So, if legalizing it would help raise revenue and help create jobs, then it’s something to look into.

Fourthly everyone should get a chance to win a fortune. It’s fun and it can create a chance of hope in a man’s life. Gambling is a very big business generating huge revenue . The job opportunities given by this industry is huge and we could never ignore the very fact. Making it illegal will only lead to continue this business in a dirty way.

People just think about LAS VEGAS ??
Las Vegas is not just a gambling mecca, but one of America’s best metropolitan environments. Las Vegas is not just a tourist destination, but a booming residential city that many happily call home. The income provided by the casinos mean the corporations flock there for the low taxes. Native American reservations across the continent are making more money than ever off of casinos. Yes, legalized gambling attracts some trouble, but it also provides more than enough revenue to fund law enforcement and security 

If GAMBLING sector is legalized, it must be regulated. That is exactly what the UK, for instance, does through the Gambling Commission (an independent body sponsored by the department of culture, media and sports). India could well take a leaf from this book. Prohibition never stopped people getting their hands on alcohol — it just made some of the alcohol unsafe.
It makes sense to take betting and gambling out of the illegal nooks and crannies in the underground and make it legal, regulated tax-paying business. 

Minds are like PARACHUTES!!!

Image This is one of my favourite quote
A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.”
-Frank Zappa

I love this particular quote is because it always reminds me to keep an open mind about everything. If your mind is closed, you can’t learn new things, you can’t see a better way to solve the problem. You stagnate where you are because nothing new can enter.

Guess what minds are like submarines too , it only functions when it is closed 😉 😛

“The mind is like a parachute- It doesn’t work unless it is open” .

This quote can be dissected more literally too. Just like a parachute, if you don’t open up you’ll end up crashing which will lead to death.If your mind isn’t open, you cannot take anything new on board. Isn’t that kind of a death in itself? I find that surprisingly true, especially with some of my friends. They stick with one way of doing something or one train of thought over a particular issue, and all I hear is “drama and more drama”  and they end up nowhere..but they refuse to open their mind to a different possibility and course of action.

Keep an OPEN MIND .
Keeping an open mind allows you to make new friends, try new things, and let the creativity flow.
Possible ways to keep it open :images (1)

  1. YES, YES you can be wrong at times
    If you accept that what you think, no matter what you believe, is not always the correct answer, then you will view the world in a different way.
    For instance ,If your friend tells you the sky’s blue but you’re dead sure that it’s hot pink :P…yeah, you may want to get your eyes checked out. There are two sides to every story, and you’ll never know what’s right till you’ve heard them both.
    Judging people based on what they looked like  is stupidity. You’re gonna  live a crappy life if everyone you know dresses and acts the same. You know that kid who wears the same jeans every day? Yeah, they might stink a bit, but it doesn’t make him a bad person. And that old lady who wears the green muumuus (a loose dress) ? Sure, she might look like a garden hosepipe, but she has a ton of interesting stories.
    Realize things properly .
    Have an enlarged perspective .

  3. WORDS are your best friend
    Enrich yourself.
    Develop a habit of writing diary.. Its fun reading it later in your life ..I’m not kidding .. 😛
    So that your eyeballs pop out 😛 jk..
    Eyes were made to see the world which is completely insane so use it and keep your eyes open always .That doesn’t mean don’t sleep 😀 “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.“If you don’t look at anything, you can’t see it. If you don’t hear something, you can’t listen to it. And if you don’t try something, you’ll never learn it! To travel the world is to see EVERYTHING.  You learn to be open when you experience the craziest things in the world.
  5. Play around and do the freakiest thing possible on earth
    Try new and you ll learn loads
    For example if you don’t know how to swim, learn swimming 😛
    Live a life without boundaries. Because you can’t keep an open mind in a closed box.


  • Analyse things in the right way
  • Don’t make hasty decisions
  • Look at people who inspire you ..(this case worked for me too 😀 )
  • Just do it for yourself. WHY BOTHER ABOUT OTHERS?
  • Engage yourself
  • Listen to some  great music
  • Challenge yourself
  • Use paper and pen often .. Jot down things
  • Pick up random things
  • Plan thingsHere’s a sort of exercise I read somewhere on how to develop your creativity:
    Think of five completely irrelevant object, lets say, a crow, sun, paper, hands, bag. Now construct a story including each one of these objects, and it doesn’t have to make sense at all!
    I wrote something like this once and came across it a few days ago and was surprised how much it made sense even when it did not.

    Also, if you leave the problem for a few days and come back to it, often you’ll look at it in a different way you did and solutions to it just start flowing in.

    -Jeffery Eugenides